Vikings Treasure NetEnt Casino Games

The Payout Percentage of NetEnt Casino Games

Are you thinking of joining a NetEnt Casino site? Maybe you are new to the online casino world and the NetEnt Casino games have caught your eye or you are already a seasoned pro when it comes to online gambling and want to find the best casino site that there is online. NetEnt Casino games are always great fun to play and what makes them even better is that you can bag yourself some huge cash wins as you spin. Of course, some games have better payouts that others, so if you want to know how to spot the best NetEnt Casino games for those big cash wins, then make sure that you read on to find all the relevant information that you will need to start playing!

The Best Payout Percentage of NetEnt Casino Games

If you have not played online slot games before, let us tell you all about the payout percentage of slot games as you probably will not have heard of this term before or know what it means! Essentially, the payout percentage of a NetEnt Casino slot game is a percentage of the bets that the casino will pay out as winnings and this score is based on an average. Therefore, the higher the payout percentage, the more likely you are to get those big wins and line your pockets with lots of cash!
Vikings Treasure NetEnt Casino Games
If you are used to playing slot games in your local bar or pub, then you will be very shocked at how fantastic the RTP (return to player) on online NetEnt slot games really are. The average RTP for slots in your local pub are normally around 60%, and this simply means that for every £1 you spend on the slot game, it will pay back out around 60p as winnings on average. NetEnt Casino slot games have an RTP range of anywhere between 96% and 98.5%, which obviously compared to the physical slot games machines, this is huge and a substantial difference!

It is important to keep in mind, however, that although the higher the RTP means the more likely you are to win, this does not necessarily mean that you definitely will bag yourself a win! Furthermore, all of the NetEnt Casino slot games are approved by the LGA in Malta, and this includes the payout percentages so you can be rest assured that these percentage figures are accurate!

Games You Can Play at a NetEnt Casino

There is a big range of games available for players at NetEnt Casino sites and if you love slot games you are unlikely to come across any that are half as good as the games that NetEnt provide. Players can get spinning the reels of not just standard slot games, but also video slot games like Gonzo’s Quest, and progressive jackpot games where you will have the opportunity to take home a life changing winning sum of money on a game such as Mega Fortune!