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Top Things to Know Ahead of El Clasico Tie

The La Liga fixtures are in. This season’s first El Clasico tie has been set to take place on the 4th of December 2016. So, you now have plenty of time to get the day, switch your plans or basically do whatever it takes to be able to watch the game. If all else fails and you do end up on the move, an el clasico live stream android app will surely be your best friend. Looking to place a cheeky bet? Then, take a look at our essential info ahead of the game.

La Liga History

As this is a La Liga game, we’re taking a look at La Liga history. The current La Liga title holders are Real Madrid. They have won the league a far higher number of times than Barca; 32 titles to 22. However, both teams have never been relegated. The sides, along with Athletic Bilbao are the only teams to hold this honour. The 2 teams have met a total of 172 times in the league, with Madrid winning 72 of them to Barcelona’s 68. There have been 32 draws.

The honour of top goal scorer goes to Barcelona, with Lionel Messi having put away 14 goals against the opposing side. Although Di Stefano of Real Madrid has matched this number purely in La Liga games, Messi has scored more overall. La Liga ties are always high-octane. So if you are stuck somewhere else during the game then get an real madrid vs barcelona live stream. You’ll be able to keep up with the results wherever you are.

Player Rivalries

Almost as famous as the rivalry between the clubs, are the rivalries that exist between the players. Whilst for many years this was centred around Messi and Ronaldo, it has now expanded to include all of the attacking trios from both sides. These include Bale, Benzema and Cristiano, often clubbed together as ‘BBC’. Barca has Messi, Suarez and Neymar, who are often referred to as ‘MSN’. One of the aspects that may make this year’s tie so interesting is the addition of the new forwards who have been purchased this summer. We can’t wait to see how they fit into the mix.
See it we will, thanks to an el clasico live stream android show. Alvaro Morato has joined Real Madrid from Juventus, at a cost of £25.5million. He will definitely be a one to watch going forward. Barca made 2 significant signings from Valencia whilst the transfer window was open this summer. Paco Alcacer, a 23-year-old centre-forward was purchased for £25.5 million. He joins Valencia teammate Andre Gomes, who has also moved to the side after a £29.75 transfer fee was agreed.

If you have an android phone, you need access to el clasico live stream android. The teams have always been evenly matched but this year’s influx of talent may just tip the scales. Barcelona has spent more money, will it pay off?

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Everything You Need to Know About El Clasico 2017

Are you going to tune in to watch El Clasico live stream 2017? If you are, and let’s be honest, who isn’t, then listen up because we have everything that you need to know about the upcoming game! Footballer Luis Enrique and the rest of his team will welcome their bitter rivals to the Camp Nou stadium, and with the knowledge that a win will set them 4 points ahead of their rivals at the top of the La Liga league, there really is all to play for in this exciting football game.

What is El Clasico?

In case you are not the biggest football fan and don not know what El Clasico is, it simply refers to “the classic” games between Real Madrid and Barcelona which take place a few times a year and are normally one of the biggest and most exciting fixtures of the football calendar, which is why so many people will be tuning to watch El Clasico live stream 2017. Another reason why so many people will be set to watch El Clasico live stream 2017, is that these games normally see two of the world’s best, and highest paid, football stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, face off to be crowned the world’s top player. This upcoming game is the second Real Madrid vs Barcelona match of the season, and it could most definitely be one of the most crucial clashes in recent memory between the two opposing teams.

As we enter into this game, Real Madrid has just had a victory against Levante, however, they were not in the best form overall as a team. Meanwhile, the Barcelona team have begun to return to normal after a slight dip over Christmas.

What everyone wants to know is when can they watch El Clasico live stream 2017 and where, and we have all the answers you need to know right here.

All You Need to Know to Watch El Clasico Live Stream 2017

The first El Clasico 2017 game will take place on Sunday 22nd March at the Nou Camp, with kick off set at 8pm, meaning no matter where you are in the world, you should be able to tune in to watch El Clasico live stream 2017, the biggest game of the season.

In terms of the El Clasico teams, Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid is expected to make a return after a few months sitting on the sidelines, while James Rodriguez is out after obtaining a broken foot. The Barcelona football player Sergio Busquets may still not be fit to play in this match as he obtained an ankle injury recently.
Real Madrid should remain optimistic as Los Blancos have done much better in recent El Clasico matches, as they have won 4 out of the last 16 matches. The team also has acquired Gareth Bale, and this Welsh footballer is a top goal scorer.

Barcelona fans can be positive about the upcoming game as they have the amazing goal scorer Lionel Messi who has a record of 21 goals in 29 El Clasico matches, plus the team has won 17 out of 18 of their last 18 matches in all competitions.
Tune in to watch El Clasico live stream 2017 on Sunday 22nd March.